Standards Of Performance(SOPs)

Being hoteliers, we know that the Standard of Performance (SOP) Manuals are a necessity in order to fully grasp and land into the world of success. These SOPs outline the service standards that must be communicated to each department and implemented in every area of your operations to ensure that each and every team member knows what is expected of them thereby gaining commitment and confidence to meet such standards.

What We Offer:

    • Policies
    • Procedures


  • Consistency within the hotel(s) based on the values of the organisation.
  • It demonstrates that the hotel is being operated in an efficient and business-like manner which will give more confidence to the management team, the employees and clients.
  • It ensures uniformity in decision-making and operational procedures.
  • It saves time when problems arise through existing policies.
  • It fosters stability and continuity.
  • It maintains the direction of the company.
  • It provides the framework for business planning.
  • It assists in assessing performance and establishing accountability.
  • It clarifies functions and responsibilities.