Hotel Internal Audit

At Ahotelier, we understand the importance of internal auditing. This independent, objective assurance and consulting activity is particularly designed for the very purpose of adding value to your hotel whilst simultaneously improving your operations.

With what starts out as a preliminary meeting with the hotel management turns into setting up a scenario of visits which will help us identify:

  • Quality standards already in place
  • The current issues and future problems if not dealt with
  • Evaluating controls, risks and analyzing operations
  • Review of possible causes
  • Study of solutions
  • Study of training needs
  • Implementation and planning report
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the action plan
  • Financial statement audits

Strength of Our Internal Audit

Ahotelier takes into account the issues surrounding your hotel that are fundamentally crucial to the survival and prosperity of your operations. Unlike external auditors, we look beyond financial risks and statements in order for us to consider more personal issues such as your hotel’s reputation, growth and personality altogether.

Therefore, Ahotelier helps your hotel to succeed. Our combination of assurance and consulting throughout the entire process ensures that we take you there.