We as a Pre-opening business management company offer the following extensive services on behalf of the Hotel Owner:

  • Pre-opening plan counting down all tasks to soft opening and first paying guest.
  • Procurement and delivery plan.
  • Recruitment Plan.
  • Advice to the Owner regarding staff relocation and accommodation.
  • Recruitment of the initial pre-opening management team.
  • Recruiting, relocating, direction of training of hotel and restaurant employees.
  • Organizing and planning all hotel & restaurant operations
  • Organizing and installation of all hotel systems (Property management System, Reservations, Point of sales etc.).
  • Pre-opening marketing, advertising, promotion and public relations.
  • Preparation of all departmental budgets.
  • Assistance on documentation and licensing prior to handover from contractors to the operational management.
  • Assistance to the Owner during the testing and commissioning phase.
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Investing in Futures and Commodities

Futures and commodities investments offer investors with more complex investing needs a way to potentially profit from both the upward and downward movement of commodity and financial markets.

Because the futures and commodities markets can be highly unpredictable — often swinging dramatically — futures and commodities investments are not suitable for all investors. Before starting, consider your:

  • Financial experience
  • Investment goals
  • Risk tolerance
  • Financial resources

If investing in futures and commodities has the potential to fit into your investment strategies and your Financial Advisor does not trade in futures and commodities, he or she will recommend another Financial Advisor who can help you invest in this highly specialized niche.